Transport & Logistics

Monitor and manage your transport efficiency and compliance risk with total transparency of your fleet activity.

TCA Certified

Plant & Equipment

Increase security of your valuable plant. monitor and manage your plant utilisation.


Rapidly capture field data and monitor and manage your asset base.

Mining: Oil & Gas

Keeping your mobile work force safe in remote and regional Australia.

Field Service

Increase your field efficiency and improve customer service with accurate proof of service delivery.

Asset Management

Asset, works and fleet management in an integrated web based system.

Pinpoint is certified with TCA [Transport Certification Australia] as an IAP service provider. Easily manage and monitor vehicle speed, time and route.

Manage the everyday activity of an entire fleet of vehicles. Improve driver performance, increase efficiencies, safety and productivity. Reduce vehicle and company costs with real time reporting.

Safety is the number one priority – Pinpoint’s Journey Management solution provides comprehensive and customised hazard reduction.

Easily track and manage your Assets, Work Orders and your Fleet from anywhere. An effective modular system that is customised to your needs.

Capture valuable field data in real time utilising our easy to use cross platform mobility product.

Advanced vehicle reports and exceptions specifically designed to aid ground transport managers to change driving behaviour and improve safety.